Windsurf Lessons

Bayswater Windsports offers something for everyone with lessons for total beginners through to experienced sailors.  Whether you've never been windsurfing before or you want to hook into the harness for the first time. Hit the footstraps or nail that perfect gybe. Let us show you how.  Gift vouchers and group packages are also available.

  • Windsurf NZ Certified School
  • All lessons are taken by a qualified Windsurf NZ Instructor with current First Aid Certification and a rescue boat is on hand.
  • All students are offered to be supplied with wetsuits, booties, life jackets and sun-screen.
  • A student discount of 10% is available with a current student ID
  • School and Work groups available at special rates, ring or email us for pricing.
  • Changing rooms and Hot Showers after windsurfing lessons is also available 

1 - Beginner Lesson - Two Hours $95

  • This lesson is the window into windsurfing.
  • We start off teaching you how a windsurfer works and what makes up a windsurfer rig.
  • Using a land based simulator we teach you how to board, stand up and use of the secure position on a windsurfer.
  • We then take you through the 5 simple steps that will have you sailing
  • Now we teach you how to steer and turn the windsurfer around so you can make it back to where you started.
  • With that accomplished we go over safety points and how to use a windsurfer safely
  • We then take all you have learned out on the water to put it into practise.
  • Within three hours not only will you know how to windsurf but you will understand the equipment and be confident in your new sport eager to progress.
  • With a hot shower waiting when the lesson's over its a beginners lesson that can't be beat!!
  • Provided windsurf equipment.


2 - Intermediate (1) Lesson - Two Hours $65

  • With the practise you have had since your first lesson you are ready to try a couple of new manoevres.
  • We will work on speeding up your tacks and gybes (turning).
  • How to beach start (stepping on to the board with the sail - not uphauling)
  • Using a harness, choosing the best fit for you and correct use
  • Teaching with your gear.


3 - Intermediate (2) Lesson - Two Hours $65

  • You will have had plenty of practise on and off the water and are ready
  • for smaller boards, higher winds and more speed.
  • We will be covering water starts (like a beach start but in deep water)
  • and mastering getting in and out of the footstraps.
  • Teaching with your gear.


4 - Advanced Lesson - Two Hours $95

  • Now you will be up and windsurfing looking like you have been sailing for years.
  • Learning some of those tricky moves are not out of your reach.
  • We will teach you how to quick tack, carve gybe, duck gybe and heli tack etc.
  • As long as we have got the breeze we will nail what you want to learn.
  • Teaching with your gear.