The RRD TEAM behind the Obsession Pro MK3


Some feedback from the team: A kite to fall in love with straight away!

Now that freestyle has reached incredible levels of performance, a kite that not only delivers on/off feedback from the bar, but is also incredibly stable, is necessary. Very thin shaped struts and a thin leading edge diameter not only increased stability but have also saved weight when comparing to the previous versions. Furthermore, when using the kite fully powered up, you can easily un-hook and get a very neutral feel with it when keeping the kite in the same spot. The super squared tip design helps increasing the turning speed when needed which creates a very precise, predictable behavior in the air. You always know where the kite is without the need of high bar pressure.

Overall the kite felt amazingly stable while riding and while landing, even on the smaller sizes with no jellyfishing noticed on harder landings. The kite depowers quite well on the landing preventing it from any excessive back stall. The kite was tested with 20m lines and after being around for so long with that size lines we have noticed an evolution on all riders towards 22m lines. This will have an impact on more hang time while doing a power trick or any big air trick. Hardcore freestyle has now evolved into a lot of double handle passes and we think those 2m extra can make a diference on the doubles but will not make the looping of the kite in high winds worst or dangerous.

This is a great freestyle machine that will be very comfortable and fun to ride for any freestyler and can surprise a lot of people on how user friendly it is. The smaller sizes are slowed down, cause having the right kite in hardcore wind conditions can really make a difference on being world champion or not and it’s where the kite can really help the team rider having advantage over the field of competitors. For sure we can say it’s a kite that feels good on you from the first minute.

Video: Filmed and edited by Julien
Riders: Jerrie v/d Kop, Alex Neto, Julien Leleu & Forest Bakker