“This video clip has taken forever to finish off. It seems that competing on the tour, working full time on the sails AND having a 1 year old daughter, doesn’t leave much time in the day. This is South Africa and Maui – Again. I really should go somewhere different but the 2 spots are so good to get a mix of training and we have been going there for so long that its just really easy. We know the cheap ways to do things and best of all we know how to get the most of it. So once again I started the year in South Africa, staying with Roberto, Whitey and Jem Hall and scoring 3 weeks of non stop wind. We literally sailed everyday except the last day. Testing, photo shoot and video presentations. Probably the most full power trip I have ever made. I needed about a month to recover! Maui was a more relaxed affair heading out there with the family and making it a bit of a holiday. Luckily our heli shoot day was probably the best day of the spring, so we really scored. So hope you enjoy the clip, and dont get your hopes up for somewhere different next year. I already booked the flights for the same spots!”

John Skye