RRD - 2013 China World Champs sum up


Tomek Janiak
As you probably know, I finished the event on 16th Overall place. Unfortunately the last day in gold fleet was my worst day in event. Wind dropped to 7-9 knts, so I dropped from 6th to 16th position, I have done my best but I couldn’t do nothing. Wrong setup fins for light wind, but there was no other option (before event I broken 3 sets of N+1 fins, so I had to borrow some fins, which were not proper for light wind). Anyway, my equipment was very good for strong wind, and when I used my RRD addiction 11(my favourite size) I had the opportunity to fight and beat top guys! This and my second place in the master division is what I take back home from this 2013 Racing Worlds!
Thank to RRD for the support, and hope see you soon.



Julien Kerneur:
This year my final result at Racing Kite Worlds was far far away from what I’m use to expect from myself. Looks like everything was out of my control and I was almost never in the game to fight for a top result. Here you can find my daily report:
Day 1: we had 4 race in strong wind conditions and I was on the water with my K-rapida 70 and Addiction MKIV 9m. Having almost all the best guys in my Yellow fleet, all the race were very though, but my results between 12-15 position were definitely disappointing, especially considering that those result put myself in 30th place overall. A real shock after the first day of racing!


Day 2: Again it was windy and I was on the water with Addiction MKIV 9 and 11. I noticed some improvement with results between 9 and 7, but still out of the main game.


Day 3: Gold race. Only the TOP 30 were allowed to attend this race. My 26th place allowed me to have another 2 days of competition to improve my ranking. Condition are still good enough to race on Addiction 9, but I score again in 17-20 position. I gave all my very best but any mistake was fatal and you could drop 5th positions in a second!


Day 4: The wind is lighter and racing on my Addiction 11, 13 and then 18. With big gear I feel more confident and I score between 9 and 12 place, allowing me to rise till the 20th position. So definitely a terrible result, considered the 3rd place I scored last year in Cagliari!

Anyway, the winter is coming and now is time again to train to come back in the TOP 10!


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