Antoine Albeau smashes the World Speed Record!


After 4 weeks of waiting and attempts at the 2015 Luderitz Speed Challenge event, finally un-forecasted conditions arrived on the 2nd of November which were perfect for Antoine Albeau to break his World Speed Record and the 53 knots barrier as well!


The day began with a 25-30 knots average wind speed, with the race starting at 12.30. From 2pm, the wind suddenly started to increase strongly, with gusts over 50knots! Sand was flying everywhere, so also over the speed course, which made sailing down the channel really challenging due to the strong sand blasts.


After a couple of runs over 50 knots, Antoine Albeau who achieved 51.66 kts 2 days ago, was determined to beat his World Record (set at the 2012 Luderitz Speed Challenge: 52.05 kts).


Then Antoine broke his world record, for the first time, achieving 52.41 kts!


After this run, he never stopped and broke his other records 5 times: 52.50 kts > 52.76 kts > 53.1 knots and then the actual World Record which now stands at a highly impressive 53.27 kts!


ANTOINE ALBEAU: 32 runs total > 13 runs over 52 knots > 4 runs over 53 knots – amazing!


Antoine Albeau: “53.27 KTS!!!!!! A DREAM COME TRUE !!!!!! Finally I managed to beat my Windsurfing World Record I just did 53.27kts ( 98.66km/h )!! This is unbelievable! I really cannot imagine that today I could pass the 53 knots barrier, this is amazing! I was pushing so much the limits the last 4 days and in the end it paid off, I am so happy!!! I did few times over 55.50kts ( 102.79km/h ) in Vmax! I have no words…”