Albeau wins 2015 Ulsan PWA World Cup!


The 2015 PWA slalom season has got off to a flying start, with Antoine Albeau riding his newRRD X-FIRE LTD V7 at his best and taking a first step to a world title hat trick in the men’s fleet. With two rounds completed for the men, the event’s top 10 and the current overall rankings are as follows:

2015 Ulsan PWA World Cup
Men overall ranking

1. Antoine Albeau (RRD/Neil Pryde)
2. Pierre Mortefon
3. Josh Angulo
8. Arnon Dagan (RRD/NeilPryde)


Here it is a quick feed back about this Korea victory from our reigning World Champion:

- Ciao Antoine, congratulations for the great start of this PWA Season! Which are your feelings after this first PWA event?
I feel really good! There was some stress like usual before all the events, but the first one is always important! I fell super good with my gear so I just need to concentrate on the racing.

- Korea racing field looks being pretty tricky. Which were the main conditions during this event?
The wind here in Ulsan is a thermical wind so you never really know when the wind will kick in and kick off, the place is also super gusty and this days we got gust up to 28kts I think, I was on my 8.6 NP et 114 X-Fire V7 and I was flying!!

- How did you manage to be so consistent in this kind of conditions?
I was fast and I took some really good start during all the heats. Only during the second Winners final I did a terrible start and I find myself fully covered by everyone and I arrive last at the first jibe, but luckily I manage to arrive 5th at the end!

- After the pre-season training and after the first PWA event, could you explain us which are the main differences in performance you found in this V7 XFIRE range compared to last year V6 range?
The V7 has more control that the V6 during navigation and this make you going more fast in straight line, also the V7 has more surface area in the back allowing you to accelerate super fast after every jibe to your top speed!

- Which are the next events you’re going to attend?
Now I will be going to the Défi Wind, it is going to be a fantastic race and this year it will be 1.200 competitors, but this is going to be one of the hardest race because lots of fast sailors from the PWA will be there and lots can and want to win this event, it is going to be super physical!