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Sunday, 21 June 2020 12:08:57 PM Pacific/Auckland

All best performances with the widest wind range and water condition.

Loads of power but also control to assure an unforgettable ride from light to stronger wind.

Variable design geometry and profile on the different sizes available from 3.0 to 6.0 sqmts.

As simmple as fundtional, can be packed in a small bag and becomes a rigid frame when pumped up.

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Sunday, 21 June 2020 11:28:15 AM Pacific/Auckland

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Saturday, 23 May 2020 1:33:39 PM Pacific/Auckland

Convertible Into A Multisport Foil. One Foil Set To Do It All !!!

The Universal WH Alu Set can be converted into a Kite/Sup-Surf foil with the purchase of a shorter fuselage (from 100 to 76 cm) and simply by removing the tuttle head.

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Thursday, 21 May 2020 12:31:28 PM Pacific/Auckland

RRD Compact Rig Packs

Forwhatever reason, space is always critical, and that was why the Compact Series was born. In a sense it si the ultimate in simplicity. Everything you need to power your board and enjoy windsurfing, all fitting in side a back pack. The mast comes in multiple sections not only reducing the size, but also allowing different lengths for different sizes of sail. The boom neatly splits in 2 for transportation and included in the back pack is the extension.

Whether you need mmore space in the car, more space in the house or if you like to travel a lot, the Compact Series is the perfact partner. Incredible convenience, with no performace compromises. 




Compact Rig Packs

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New RRD Website Online Now!!!!

Tuesday, 9 May 2017 10:11:10 PM Pacific/Auckland

SUP Boards

We are proud to announce that our fresh new RRD website is now online!

The RRD collection offers you everything from watersports equipment to wetsuits, accessories and fashion so you can maximise your water time and keep looking stylish year round…

‘It’s all ride!'
#RRD #RobertoRicciDesigns #ItsAllRide #Windsurf #Kitesurf #SUP #Surf #Fashion

We are proud to announce that our fresh new RRD website is now online! The RRD collection offers you everything from watersports equipment to wetsuits, accessoires…

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Tested by The Kitemag; Juice V3

Tuesday, 9 May 2017 10:03:52 PM Pacific/Auckland

Tested by The Kitemag; Juice V3



This test review is written by the independent ‘The Kitemag’


RRD’s Juice V3 seems like it has taken a look at itself in the mirror and decided that it needs to toughen up. There is a more aggressive vibe, with tip cut-outs, new channels and some fresh graphics – which are very pleasing on the eye. RRD have also decided to go to the track system which really gives you the ability to tune your perfect stance set up, and this will have a large appeal to the boot riding crew as tweaking those stance angles is key to powered landings and getting that explosive pop.


Another couple of impressive touches are the straps and pads which are exceptionally comfortable, and the smaller fins which work perfectly on this style of board.


The Juice V3 has had a lot of input from RRD’s entire freestyle team and particularly Dutch giant, Jerrie van de Kop, who pushes his boards to the limit so we were expecting bombproof performance. It is designed for wakestyle riders who want to go hard and as such it has an increased rocker line and an outline designed to give you smoother landings and increased control when you are landing hard. Despite this, on the water we were impressed by the fact that the rocker line was very well balanced so you are not sacrificing too much upwind performance. Coupled with this, the board’s flex pattern is very well-tuned to deliver some seriously explosive pop, but it is still a relatively easy board to cruise around…

Forest Bakker 2

For us, although the Juice V3 might have you wondering if it’s the right choice for you as it is touted as a wakestyle board, it is well worth checking out as it is actually really manageable for all levels of riding. So there was just one more thing to say: Stupefacente! (‘Amazing’ in Italian…)


IN A SENTENCE: The Juice V3 is a very well thought out and engineered board, guaranteed to quicken the pulse of any serious wakestyler but also a surprisingly enjoyable board to cruise around on.

Click here for the review on The Kitemag website

Click here to go to the Juice V3 on our website


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The RRD TEAM behind the Obsession Pro MK3

Tuesday, 9 May 2017 10:02:41 PM Pacific/Auckland

The RRD TEAM behind the Obsession Pro MK3


Some feedback from the team: A kite to fall in love with straight away!

Now that freestyle has reached incredible levels of performance, a kite that not only delivers on/off feedback from the bar, but is also incredibly stable, is necessary. Very thin shaped struts and a thin leading edge diameter not only increased stability but have also saved weight when comparing to the previous versions. Furthermore, when using the kite fully powered up, you can easily un-hook and get a very neutral feel with it when keeping the kite in the same spot. The super squared tip design helps increasing the turning speed when needed which creates a very precise, predictable behavior in the air. You always know where the kite is without the need of high bar pressure.

Overall the kite felt amazingly stable while riding and while landing, even on the smaller sizes with no jellyfishing noticed on harder landings. The kite depowers quite well on the landing preventing it from any excessive back stall. The kite was tested with 20m lines and after being around for so long with that size lines we have noticed an evolution on all riders towards 22m lines. This will have an impact on more hang time while doing a power trick or any big air trick. Hardcore freestyle has now evolved into a lot of double handle passes and we think those 2m extra can make a diference on the doubles but will not make the looping of the kite in high winds worst or dangerous.

This is a great freestyle machine that will be very comfortable and fun to ride for any freestyler and can surprise a lot of people on how user friendly it is. The smaller sizes are slowed down, cause having the right kite in hardcore wind conditions can really make a difference on being world champion or not and it’s where the kite can really help the team rider having advantage over the field of competitors. For sure we can say it’s a kite that feels good on you from the first minute.

Video: Filmed and edited by Julien
Riders: Jerrie v/d Kop, Alex Neto, Julien Leleu & Forest Bakker

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RRD SUP Team dominates 2015 Christmas SUP Cup

Tuesday, 9 May 2017 10:01:08 PM Pacific/Auckland

RRD SUP Team dominates 2015 Christmas SUP Cup


The Xmas SUP Cup is the race that usually closes the SUP racing season in Italy and it’s always a funny but very competitive event held in Igea Marina, with a lot of riders coming from all around Italy because of the great organization always displayed by local shop URBAN.

This time the RRD team was simply unbeatable, with “the Fast” Paolo Marconi running away on his RRD Razzle Dazzle 12’6 since the first strokes, and “the Furious” Jacopo Giusti fighting hard in the 14′ fleet aboard of his RRD Air Race 14’0 and catching the victory against the others composite boards right on the final sprint!

In the between, beautiful Susak Molinero displayed all her woman-power while dominating the Women fleet and leaving a lot of strong guys on her wake with a great 6th place in the overall ranking!

Congratulations to all the RRD riders for the great show!

Below you can find the full report (Italian language) of our Paolo Marconi.


“La XMAS cup è ormai una classica di fine stagione. Oltre ad essere una buona occasione per testare la condizione fisica invernale, è una bella occasione per divertirsi e ritrovare gli amici del sup con cui condividiamo la stagione estiva.
L’organizzazione e l accoglienza romagnola ci ha come sempre regalato una bellissima giornata all’insegna dello sport e del divertimento!
Per quanto riguarda l’aspetto agonistico della manifestazione, è stato un successo per il team RRD che ha conquistato buoni piazzamenti, ma sopratutto il gradino più alto del podio in tutte le categorie Race.
La gara si svolgeva su un percorso tecnico con 4 giri di boa e due giri del percorso. La quasi assenza di vento ha dato vita ad una gara davvero veloce sull’acqua piattissima. Il razzle dazzle era la tavola perfetta per questo tipo di condizione e le medie sono state molto alte!
Per quanto mi riguarda sono stato davanti al gruppo dall’inizio alla fine cercando di fare selezione al primo km per sgranare il gruppoSusak ha chiuso la sua gara al sesto posto assoluto nella categoria 12’6″ battendo la maggior parte dei maschi e dominando la categoria femminile!
Jacopo ha vinto la categoria 14 piedi imponendosi sul resto del gruppo a bordo del suo AirRace 14’0, mettendo in evidenza le incredibili potenzialità di questa tavola gonfiabile!
Ottime prestazioni anche per il resto del team che ha visto il giovane Lorenzo Boschetti come sempre in crescita e i veterani del team Giorgio Magí e Daniele Frattesi fare una gara di alto livello nelle prime posizioni del gruppo.
Grande divertimento anche nella gara amatoriale con i Monotipo e con il Megasup che hanno colorato la clàssica di Natale!
Un bel successo che conclude in bellezza una stagione piena di emozioni!
Buone feste a tutti e ci vediamo in acqua nel 2016 sempre più competitivi e veloci! ”
A presto!


Jacopo, Susak and Paolo tired but happy after their victory


Jacopo Giusti wins the 14’0 category riding an AirSup 14 board!


Paolo dominates the race and the 12’6 fleet


Susak dominates the women fllet and takes 6th in the overall ranking! 

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Albeau wins the 4th consecutive world title riding RRD boards!

Tuesday, 9 May 2017 10:00:03 PM Pacific/Auckland

Albeau wins the 4th consecutive world title riding RRD boards!

Antoine Albeau wins his 4th consecutive PWA Slalom World Title riding RRD X-Fire LTDboards and his 23rd personal World Title after 6 days of tough and crazy competition at Airwaves Noumea PWA Dream Cup.The first day of competition was packed with drama and massive upsets, with Antoine finishing the day in 35th position and requiring to rise back to a top 4 finish in order to deny Mortefon a maiden world title!

Let’s see how Antoine makes it his incredible exploit!


After a low key start to the event on Day 1 the trade winds returned with a vengeance on Day 2 of the Airwaves Noumea PWA Dream Cup to provide an exhilarating day of racing in 20-30 knots of wind, which was packed with drama and massive upsets that could have massive repercussions with regard to the men’s title race.
The men’s title race seemed as though it would realistically be a two-horse race between Matteo Iachino and Antoine Albeau coming into the final event of the year, but the day showed how quickly things can change in the world of the slalom as the title race was turned on its head by the end of the day with Pierre Mortefon blitzing his way through to assume control at the top of the overall rankings.
Matteo Iachino had barely put a foot wrong so far this season, but the first day of competition really wasn’t the Italian’s day as he took early exits in both of the eliminations completed.

On his side, Antoine Albeau endured a torrid day. Antoine was extremely unlucky in the opening elimination, suffering two broken masts right before his first round heat, and despite his best efforts he couldn’t make the start line in time and he too suffered the worst possible start to the day with an early exit from Heat 4. The reigning world champion then made a slight recovery in Race 2 by finishing 11th, but he too will be looking to discard both results over the coming days in order to get his title challenge back on track.


Day 3 saw another exhilarating day of racing as winds of 15-25 knots greeted the competitors.
Antoine Albeau started his recovery to get his title challenge back on track in the perfect fashion as he claimed his first bullet of the event in Race 3. However, after taking a step forwards it was then a case of two-steps back for A2 in the very next race after being eliminated in the quarterfinals. Albeau was not willing to lay down without a fight though and he hauled himself back into contention by clinching another bullet in the final race of the day, which could prove crucial in deciding the title race. At the end of Day 3 Albeau rises to 8th in the overall rankings and is only 6.2 points off 4th place, which is the minimum result he requires to deny Pierre Mortefon the 2015 PWA Slalom World Title.


The wind arrived late on Day 4 of the Airwaves Noumea PWA Dream Cup to provide a fascinating conclusion to the day as further drama unfolded. With light winds 8-20 knots Antoine Albeau missed out on a place in the final!

After missing out on the winners’ final it was a case of damage limitation for A2 in the Losers Final and he managed to do just that as he won the heat to record a 9th place finish in Race 6. Albeau’s latest result sees him rise one place to 7th, but he still has 3 places to find — as only a top 4 finish will guarantee him a 4th successive world title.

Antoine Albeau leads the fight for the world title after hauling himself from 7th place at the end of Day 4 to 2nd by the end of play today. In the first race of the day the reigning world champion finished 3rd behind Pierre Mortefon and Cedric Bordes.


At this point Albeau had already moved into 3rd and therefore assumed control of the title race, but he further improved his position by claiming an emphatic victory in Race 8, which he celebrated by fist pumping the air as he crossed the finish line ahead of teammate Julien Quentel, Mortefon and Taty Frans.


The final day of the Airwaves Noumea PWA Dream Cup saw huge crowds gather in Noumea to see the world’s fastest sailors battling it out one final time for 2015.
In 20-25 knots of wind, Antoine Albeau was made to sweat it out on the final day after a premature start in Heat 14, which saw 6 sailors disqualified!

Antoine takes a 16th place in elimination 9, but anyway he finishes the event in 4th place, which was just enough to see Antoine collecting an incredible 4th consecutive world title, which is his 23rd overall world crown.


Antoine Albeau said: “It feels super good, it was a bit difficult with the points because I wasn’t really sure of the scenarios, but now it feels great to win one more world title.”


2015 Airwaves Noumea Dream Cup – Men’s
1st Pierre Mortefon
2nd Taty Frans
3rd Cyril Moussilmani
4th Antoine Albeau (RRD / NeilPryde / Chris Benz)

2015 PWA Slalom World Tour – Men’s Overall Ranking
1st Antoine Albeau (RRD / NeilPryde / Chris Benz)
2nd Pierre Mortefon
3rd Matteo Iachino
7th Julien Quentel (RRD / NeilPryde) 

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Antoine Albeau smashes the World Speed Record 53.27 Knots!!!!

Tuesday, 9 May 2017 9:58:17 PM Pacific/Auckland

Antoine Albeau smashes the World Speed Record!


After 4 weeks of waiting and attempts at the 2015 Luderitz Speed Challenge event, finally un-forecasted conditions arrived on the 2nd of November which were perfect for Antoine Albeau to break his World Speed Record and the 53 knots barrier as well!


The day began with a 25-30 knots average wind speed, with the race starting at 12.30. From 2pm, the wind suddenly started to increase strongly, with gusts over 50knots! Sand was flying everywhere, so also over the speed course, which made sailing down the channel really challenging due to the strong sand blasts.


After a couple of runs over 50 knots, Antoine Albeau who achieved 51.66 kts 2 days ago, was determined to beat his World Record (set at the 2012 Luderitz Speed Challenge: 52.05 kts).


Then Antoine broke his world record, for the first time, achieving 52.41 kts!


After this run, he never stopped and broke his other records 5 times: 52.50 kts > 52.76 kts > 53.1 knots and then the actual World Record which now stands at a highly impressive 53.27 kts!


ANTOINE ALBEAU: 32 runs total > 13 runs over 52 knots > 4 runs over 53 knots – amazing!


Antoine Albeau: “53.27 KTS!!!!!! A DREAM COME TRUE !!!!!! Finally I managed to beat my Windsurfing World Record I just did 53.27kts ( 98.66km/h )!! This is unbelievable! I really cannot imagine that today I could pass the 53 knots barrier, this is amazing! I was pushing so much the limits the last 4 days and in the end it paid off, I am so happy!!! I did few times over 55.50kts ( 102.79km/h ) in Vmax! I have no words…”


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