Kite Boards

Below is a list of our second hand gear that is currently available for sale.  Please contact us using the enquiry form at the bottom of the page if you require more information. ( Not including shipping )

 RRD The Stark Kite Waist Harness

RRD Poison LTD 132 x 40cm


This board is intended to offer top freestyle performance for competitions and top riders.

This board come with footpad and fins.

In very good condition.



 RRD K-Race 70 (190 x 69.5cm)

Pro Race Limited Edition

The current PKRA Racing ranking world leader, to have an unbeatable combination of speed for maximizing the performance.

This board come with footstraps only.

in very good condition.


RRD Placebo V2 133 x 40cm

Freestyle and Freedride

Placebo V2 is that it can be ridden by any type of rider, from the novice to the advanced and even the pro.

This board come with footpad and fins.

in very good condition.



 Naish Haze 142 x 41cm

Freestyle and Freeride

Balanced versatility for all rider in all conditions.

This board come with footpad and fins.

in excellent condition 95% new!



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