Bayswater Windsports, founded in 2000 by Stanley Choi, s dedicated sportsman who intends to bring the world's most exciting Windsports into everybody's lives.

Explore yourself in the Windsports world! – Stanley Choi<

Stanley first started windsurfing in 1980 and after of training, he represented Hong Kong in 8th Boracay International Funboard Cup, 14th Singapore Open Windsurfing Championship and most of the Asian competitions. He earned his first 1st Runner Up at the Boracay International Funboard Cup for Hong Kong that year. He became a reliable source of windsurfing techniques and in respective aspects. Seeing there's a market to penetrate, he then started his first windsurfing shop with his brother at Hong Kong in 1984 called "the Pro-Shop". After years of training and competitions, together with his brother (Ken Choi) growing of business.

In 1994, "The Pro Shop (NZ) Ltd. was opened in Silverfield, Glenfield, which mainly sold Gun Sails, Gaastra Sails and Fiberspar Masts other windsurfing gears.

As years went by and after a number of years in specializing windsurfing products, In 2000 he moved in "Bayswater Windsports" which mainly sold Simmer Style, RRD, Powerex and Windsurfing Hawaii and other windsurf, kite and SUP gears.

Now, Bayswater Windsports sets a trend of all windsports in New Zealand. Apart from windsurfing, kiteboarding and SUP products. Stanley has made of all his favorite windsports allows him to be sustainable in the market.

I wish that more and more people in New Zealand could try the windsports that I bought in. Don't let yourself live for nothing but work. Explore yourself in the Windsports world! – Stanley Choi