About us


Stanley Choi


Born: 1971

Sail Number: NZL 444

Homebreak: Bayswater, Orewa, Shakespear.

Rides: RRD X-Fire, FiremoveRRD Fire, Evolution, Simmer Style Sail.

Sails With: Dave, Jason, Trent, Janzen

Inspirations: Speed, Steak, Cheese & Travel.

Other Interests: Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, SUP Boarding, Snowboarding,


Janzen Wong


Born: 1983

Homebreak: Bayswater

Rides: Simmer V- MAXs and RRD X-FIREs.

Sails With: Stanley, Dave and whoever sail at Bayswater

Inspirations: Surf and a bottle of "V"

Other interests: Modified cars and Scania Trucks.


David Blake


Born: 1974

Gallery: Click HERE to see Dave's photo gallery

Sail Number: NZL 360

Homebreak: Bayswater

Rides: Simmer Sails, RRD Boards

Sails With: Stanley, Janzen, Des, Bernard

Inspirations: Sun, Surf and a Free Spirit

Other Interests: Snowboarding, Overtaking Stanley


Spencer Lewis


Born: Can't Remember

Sail Number: None

Homebreak: PungarehuTaranaki

Rides: X Flex

Sails With: Friends, Whoevers out there

Inspirations: The Windline , Nature

Other Interests: Surfing , Travel , Windsurf dvd editing


Trent Cornwall


Born: 1967

Sail Number: NZL 34

Homebreak: Tamaki River (The Ditch)

Rides: Simmer SC Race, SCS & X Type II, RRD X Fire 102 & 122

Sails With: "The Ditch Bitches"

Inspirations: Seabreeze, Rum & Coke

Other Interests:  Snowboarding,Yacht Racing


Mikhail Pozhidaev


Born: Not sure

Gallery: Click HERE to see Mikes photo gallery

Sail Number: RUS 11

Homebreak: Bayswater

Rides: SCR, RRD

Sails With: Stanley, Dave, Janzen

Inspirations: Surf and Carbon

Other Interests: Sailing, Kiting, Snowboarding, SUP, BMX, Fishing